How to write an effective cover letter?

How to write an effective cover letter?

By Rebeka Walker

Sample cover letter with accurate structure

It’s easy to write your cover letter in a flash . But if you want the job, you have to put that extra effort and time because you do not want to make silly mistakes and end up submitting a poor quality cover letter. 

It’s the first thing that a company will lay eyes on. This is your chance to blow them away with a well-written, engaging cover letter that entices them to invite you for an interview.

In this article we will be discussing about following topics:

1) Rules to write a cover letter

2) Cover Letter Structure


Cover letter writing rules


When writing your cover you should always try and follow these rules. They are simple and will make your cover letter impressive and effective.

  • Target your cover letter to each position and employer

Never try to use the same cover letter every time you apply for a job, try to change the workflow referring to position and employer.

  • Cover letter should not be more than 400 words, no more than 1 page in length

Try to place your intentions clear but in a short description, Cover letter gives you a chance to interact with the recruiter, for details they have your resume.

  • Short sentences, 14 words per sentences

Try to make bullet points before you start writing. It will give you a clear flowchart to highlight your experience and skills.

  • Be concise

You need to fill in lots of information but not so make it lengthy at the time time. Short sentences will help.

  • Don’t repeat the entire content of your CV
This is the most common mistake candidates do. Cover letter is always an extension of your CV/Resume, try to furnish some more details .
  • Never include information that is not in your CV

 Its never a good idea to include information which is not in your Resume, with this you will face hard time answering these topic at a face to face interview.

  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors

Its always a better Idea to double check your spelling and grammatical mistakes on cover letter and resume before submitting it.

  • Follow business letter protocol

Always start your cover letter with Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Miss/Mr. XYZ, following the business letter protocol.


Cover letter structure


Introduction (paragraph 1)

  • Write your Name and your current job details
  • Write about – how you came to know about the job opening
  • Mention Title of the job you are applying for

Competence  (paragraph 2) – How you are suitable?

  • Highlight your skills which relates to the job vacancy.
  • Share your experience with makes you a suitable candidate, evidenced by the CV
  • Generate interest of the recruiter.

Motivation (paragraph 3) – why you want to job?

  • Referring to the job description , prove that it your experiences matches with the current profile
  • Write, why you want to work for the organization
  • Explain, why you free the vacancy appealing
  • Write about why the sector appeals

Ending (paragraph 4)

  • Positive closing Line
Hope you liked the article. If you have any question, please feel free to comment below. All the Best!

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