Why use keywords in a resume?

Why to use keyword in Resume?

By Rebeka Walker

Keywords are simply words that identify what you do, what you’re searching for, and the industry in which you wish to work. The easiest way to figure out which keywords should be in your resume is to think like your ideal employer.

Employers’ use and dependent on keywords to find the candidates they want to interview because of technology nowadays. Using software to search databases Candidates for specific keywords that relate to job vacancies is a common practice today. Technology of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has brought 90 percent of searches for candidates on a keywords based platform.

How to Include Keywords in a resume?

Think like that employer. What are they looking for? What skills would they want you to have? Include those keywords in your resume. Consider including things like job title, important skills, location, years of experience, and any systems or programs you know that are relevant to the job you’re looking for.

Are keywords and skills same in a resume ?

No, You can count all skills as keywords but all keywords are not skills. For example- School Teacher is a keyword but it is not a skill rather teaching is a skill.

Why Keyword is Important on a resume?
There are majorly 3 reasons why you must include keywords in your resume.
  •  Helps your resume to get shortlisted by software. 

ATS saves time of the hiring manager , as it shortlist the most relevant resume from the mailbox. Applying relevant keywords increases your chances of a interview call.

  • Helps Hiring Manager for quick scan 

Candidates submit resumes that are multiple pages long and impossible for a hiring manager to go through each and every details of it . Making a list of keywords up front can help you point the skills company is looking for.

  • Language of hiring manager

There are keywords on every job vacancy posted by Hiring Team. Using the same keywords indicates that you are the perfect fit.

Resume Keywords Example

Here is a list of keywords for resumes as an example:


• Sales, Marketing, Sales Manager, Marketing manager, Retail

• Product Manager, Project Manager, System Architect

• Account Executive, Manager, Director

• Business Intelligence, Business development

• Medical Sales, Medical Device

• Healthcare, Medical, Nurse, Physician, Therapist

• Finance, Accounting, Bank, banking, TAX, insurance

• Financial Advisor, Business Analyst

• Supervisor, Controller


• Ethernet & IP Networking, ATM, MPLS, IPMPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Metro Ethernet

• Wireless, VoIP, Triple play, IPTV & VOD

• Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Packaging


• Human Resources, Recruiting

• Software, Programmer, Engineer, Specialist, Analyst, Administrator, Consultant, Architect, Development, Designer, Technicians

Closing Note
Hope you liked this article , if you have any question , please feel free to comment below. All the best!

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